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Jeff McLellan

President & CEO

JMAC Industries, LLC.

Jeff McLellan, 2015, Playing with toys in the sunshine.

JMAC’s Log-Chip Performance System is the brain-child of Jeffrey McLellan. A graduate of Paul Smith’s College of Forestry, Jeff has worked in Forestry for 32 years running multiple all-encompassing industry businesses. Jeff is a compulsive thinker. An obsessed efficiency guru. His desire has always been to function in the most efficient, safe, and lucrative way possible. He’s all about working smarter, not harder.


Jeff’s hope is that:


Other owners, climbers, ground-teams and operators find this loader easy and efficient.


You can get more done in a day.


You have time and money to spend with your families. Which is by far the most important to him...


                                                  …second to swinging from trees (and Cranes).

Jeff and Kelly, TCI 2015, Pittsburg

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